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            Hello, my name is Sean and this is a brief portfolio of some of the work I have done over the past 13 or so years as a machine tool operator, programmer, engineer, and designer.
             In my early career, I apprenticed as a toolmaker and screw machine operator, so my foundations were laid in a rather traditional manner utilizing some of the earliest automated equipment with one of the screw machines I worked on dating to the mid 1920’s.
              Quickly, I learned the ropes of the equipment and decided to evolve my skillset into the modern age of CNC manufacturing. My first CNC type machine outside of school was a rather basic 1980’s era Prototrak where I would program completely by hand, simply sketching out toolpaths on a graph paper notebook, noting the cartesian coordinates, and plotting the machine moves by hand.
              While this proved effective in terms of producing small-scale or one-off components and taught me a lot about CNC machinery, it was obvious to me that it was not an efficient use of time. The repetition of action and the scale of my work expanded so I quickly pivoted into CAM software to reduce my workload, minimize error, and produce far more complicated toolpaths than I could have written manually in a fraction of time.
               While I currently work in a production type facility, some of my most rewarding work has been in the more artisanal and design focused or prototype work. Standard fixturing techniques, while effective, can only produce a limited set of forms. It is when challenging forms come across my desk that I find my out-of-the box thinking to be the most interesting and rewarding.
               As you will see from the proceeding portfolio, I have a large diversity of experience. Probably the only thing missing from my visual portfolio is my experience with more difficult projects and materials that I was unable to record due to various non-disclosure agreements. Fortunately, I still have quite a breadth of examples I was able to record over my time.


              Thank you,
              Sean A Scott


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